RateCap was created by an informal, unincorporated group of retired ratepayers who had become concerned about the erosion of their income by, among other things, increases in local government rates. We know that some councillors share our concerns so we decided to create a website to promote them in the 2018 South Australian Local Government elections.

We are not connected in any way with any political party or with any commercial interest and no-one at RateCap is a candidate for office.

Our specific aim is to help candidates who have given a signed pledge not to increase council rates by more than the Consumer Price Index (as used for Social Security payments and many superannuation funds) unless any proposed increase is supported by the ratepayers concerned. Details of the pledge are on the Pledge page.

Finally – and this is completely separate from the RateCap campaign – we point out that financially stressed councils could ask for the repeal of Section 162 of the Local Government Act 1999.

Section 162—Rebate of rates—religious purposes

“The rates on land containing a church or other building used for public worship (and any grounds), or land solely used for religious purposes, will be rebated at 100 per cent.”